How to create digital products -Templatebox

How to create digital products -Templatebox

A digital product is an intellectual property or piece of media that may be sold and shared online repeatedly without the requirement for inventory. These items are frequently available as downloadable or streamable digital files, such as MP3s, PDFs, movies, plug-ins, and templates.

Advantages of Digital products

Selling digital products has numerous advantages that make it particularly appealing to entrepreneurs:

Low overhead costs

No inventory

No shipping charges

High profit margins

Orders can be delivered instantly

Flexible products


low start-up cost

Passive income - Passive income is one of most common reasons why people start selling digital content.

Obstacles of Digital Products

As every coin has two sides, there are also challenges of Digital products - here are few

You're competing with free content - most of digital items can be found free online or some might offer for to build their email list of their potential customers, your product has to be exceptional in order get a sale. 

protect your products - Other people might sell your stuff as there own, business owners have to look for their products.

Copyrights - you may be using other people content without knowing. 

Most of these obstacles, however, may be avoided if you use the correct tools while building your digital product business.

6 best digital products to sell online

Educational products - If you consider yourself an expert on a specific subject, digital products are an excellent method to bundle your knowledge and offer it to others who want to learn. For example video courses/online courses.

Licenses to use your digital assets/ Online service - There is a global ecosystem of licensable digital items submitted by creatives for other creatives to use in their work, ranging from stock pictures to video footage, music and sound effects.

Digital templates and tools

Some examples of how to sell digital products online this way include:

Digital marketing strategy templates for entrepreneurs

Résumé templates for job-seekers

Mobile apps for businesses

Graphic design templates for brochures, flyers, posters, etc.

Adobe Photoshop filters and plugins for media editors

Music or art - If you're a musician or an artist, you've probably looked into ways to monetize your skills or the audience you've built. While print-on-demand t-shirts or bespoke prints are always an option, there are also several examples of digital products for selling art and music.

website themes - website themes are also became more popular in recent years. If you love coding and know how to make website themes. you can make websites themes and sell them. 

fonts - Fonts are most useful when it comes to digital art/ Graphic designers. if you know how to create fonts, you can create bunch of them and sell them. You can also offer licenses on rights to use them like personal/ commercial license. 


How do you create a digital download?

Think of potential digital product ideas. - Brainstorm digital product ideas, what you want to create, how you want to create, what colors and fonts you want to use. what is your concept is it travelling or cooking or something else. finally, to whom you are creating products for, who are your potential buyers. 

Identify the issues that buyers face.- Go to reddit or Quora, checking for people comments on the products you are going to create, are they have problem with changing colors/ fonts - solve it by including a guide in your products. if they are finding more bugs in the products that are already created, check if your product is bug free. 

Research keywords and trends. - Now you have built a product and you are listing them in templatebox Market, you need to have keywords which helps people identify you product. Make a list of Keywords and include them in description and Title. Check on expert's listening and observe how they are listing the products - is there keyword is at the beginning of the product title or at the end? how many keywords did they have used in the description? did they use any tags?

Create your digital products listings and promote. 

Once your listing is submitted and its live , share the link on the social media, whatsapp

let everyone know what are up to.

How Templatebox Market can help you selling Digital Downloads

Templatebox Market is an online Marketplace for digital entrepreneurs . You can upload your products/digital downloads here and people can buy them from you and within no time they will have access to their files.

it is so easy to open a shop in Templatebox Market even 6 grader old can manage it but you have to be 18 years in order to start selling. 

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