Guide to Selling Clipart

Guide to Selling Clipart

Are you interested in online clip art sales?

Maybe you enjoy making small graphics for your own projects and you're considering making money off of them like lots of people. Or perhaps you're an artist seeking for a wonderful way to make money and want to try your hand at selling clipart. You might be looking for a way to make some side money, or you might just want a good reason to make more art!

We'll look at all you need to know about selling clip art in this guide:

Note: Clipart and clip art are both acceptable spellings. In this guide, both terminology will be used.

Define Clipart.

Clipart is a sort of digital art that uses pre-made graphics that may be used in a variety of scenarios (Png files).

Photographs are not clip art images (though they could potentially be based on a photo). Instead, they are frequently straight drawings, plain images, or cartoonish motifs.

What is the purpose of clipart?

Clipart can be printed or used digitally in a variety of scenarios. Among the frequent uses are:

  • By students for assignments and projects for class.
  • For small companies, perhaps in advertisements and menus.
  • personal projects, like a Christmas letter from the family.
  • Community organizations, possibly on a flyer advertising a nearby event.
  • For worksheets and bulletin boards, by educators and teachers.
  • for internal communications in larger companies, like an invitation to a party at work.

Because it frequently consists of straightforward graphics and can appear a little incompetent, clip art is typically not used for client-facing communications from larger firms. Additionally, using isolated clipart won't always result in a polished and unified design.

Can I make and sell my clip art?

Yes, you can make and sell clip art. This is a fantastic passive income idea since it allows you to sell your digital files to an increasing number of clients without having to put in any additional work. To avoid legal problems, make sure to abide by copyright regulations. Never incorporate another artist's work into your clipart without their express permission. You're good to go aside from that.

Which Software Shall I Use to Create Clipart?

You'll need software like Adobe Illustrator, which allows you to design and alter graphics, to create your own clipart. Making stock photos might be a better fit for you if you're a photographer.

Advice for Selling Clipart Successfully

1. Make a set of multiple cliparts

People are unlikely to purchase a single piece of clip art, therefore you should make several unique pieces to group together in a cohesive set. Customers will perceive the collection as having more value if it contains more diverse goods.

You could want to develop a recurring theme or aesthetic.

Consider your audience: clip art intended for elementary school instructors may differ greatly from clipart intended for use by neighbourhood non-profits.

Establish Specific Licensing Rules

To guarantee that your clients will only use your cliparts in a manner that is permitted by law, consider offering clear usage right rules. The majority of clip art is offered with a restricted licence that enables users to use the image solely for personal purposes. You may choose to add extra cost for commercial licences, though.

Let's sell Clip arts

There are two primary methods for producing clip art digital files for sale. One that calls on you to use your design abilities, and another that necessitates collaboration with someone who has some design abilities.

1. Create Original Clipart

You can choose to make your own clipart if you have some design talent and creativity.

The software you use to produce your art will determine the precise steps involved in making clip art. These are the fundamental steps, in brief:

  • Pick a picture or object to serve as your main source of inspiration.
  • Utilizing the freeform features of your graphic design software, create it from basic shapes.
  • Your image should have colours. A piece of clip art could potentially be made in multiple different colour variations.
  • Include specifics like the faces of individuals, the buttons on things, and so forth.
  • Your clip art should be saved in a high-quality file format, either a bitmap or a vector image.
  • Create additional file types for usage on the web; the best options are typically.jpg or.png.

Don't want to spend money on graphic design software or other tools, like Adobe Illustrator? You might already have a fantastic tool at your disposal like Powerpoint

Employ clipart creators

You can still launch your own clipart company/online platform even if you lack any design experience. On Upwork and Fiverr, you may collaborate with designers and artists to create graphics that suit your tastes. Make sure you have the necessary contracts in place before you buy the rights to the artwork that artists have produced. By outlining your expectations and rights of use in writing for the hired artists, you can avoid any licencing problems.

Online Clipart Sales Procedures

Opening your own online shop on Templatebox Market is the simplest way to sell your Clipart. This provides the following benefits:

  • You may set the price for your clipart anyway you wish, and you can run a sale whenever you want. you can keep 70% of all your sales.
  • You will have complete authority over your store. You can offer your own coupons to your favourite customers to boost your sales.

Selling your clip art on Templatebox Market is a terrific way to get money. You can also sell other types of digital products and real goods there. Even for artists who are new to online sales, it is simple to utilize.

Determine Your Clipart's Price

Knowing what to charge when selling digital goods can be challenging. You might wish to search for other collections of clipart that are comparable to see how much they cost. Typical prices for a package of clipart range from $3 to $30.

Be aware that costs will change based on whether a business licence/Commercial use cliparts is included (allowing people to sell products that use the clipart).

Upload at Least One Clipart Set Picture of your digital product

You may include 1 to 9 photos for your product on Templatebox Maket listing. Include at least 1 picture demonstrating an example of your clipart (show off your best items here).

The individual clipart bits will probably be too small for people to copy and use for free, but if you want, you can add a watermark to your image.

Promote Your Collections of Clipart

It's time to start attracting ideal customers to your store once you've designed an awesome storefront and fantastic merchandise!

Profit from the growth of social media to turn your fans into paying clients. To attract a larger audience, showcase how your cliparts can be used in a variety of contexts.

Nevertheless, even how distinctive your own style is, due to the abundance of other independent artists and artist stores, it might be challenging to make your clip art stand out in crowded internet marketplaces.

Ideas for Popular Clipart and Digital Art to Sell

If you're having trouble finding inspiration from individual artists, simply understanding how to create clipart for sale might not be very helpful. Here are some well-liked suggestions and have a wide range of items for producing clipart/Clipart collections in your own special manner.

  • Music

many musical instruments, including pianos, guitars, and violins. These vector icons are ideal for musicians who are making posters for their bands or for music educators who are working on printables and music worksheets for their pupils.

  • Food

You may create a seemingly unlimited variety of food-related vector icons, including sushi, tacos, burritos, ramen bowls, burgers, and so much more! These pictures are excellent for businesses in the food sector. Designing menus, websites and brochures for restaurants are just a few examples of use cases.

  • February 14

Hearts, red and pink, chocolate, charming animals, flowers, especially roses, and Cupid.

  • Christmas

There are snowmen, Christmas trees, lights, gingerbread homes, wreaths, stockings, reindeer, snowflakes, holly, gifts, snow globes, ornaments, candy canes, bells, and other holiday decorations.

  • Return to School

Backpacks, pens, pencils, notebooks, and other school materials are included. These pictures are fantastic because worksheets, handouts, presentations, planners, and other educational materials frequently contain vector icons.

  • Birthdays

Cakes, balloons, candles, gifts, party poppers, cupcakes, and party hats are all used to wish someone a happy birthday.

  • Easter

Easter decorations include eggs, bunnies, "Happy Easter," chocolate, baskets, flowers, butterflies, and chicks as well as Christian symbols like the cross.

  • Emojis

You may make a tonne of various faces based on the design of well-known emojis (e.g. a crying laughing emoji, a thumbs up emoji).

  • Beach

There are also inflatables, swimsuits, flip-flops, deck chairs, beach balls, mermaids, starfish, turtles, buckets & spades, boats, sunshades, and cocktails.

  • People

Business conferences, classrooms, professors and students, grandparents and grandchildren, sports teams, and several professions that can be quickly identified by their attire, accessories, or surroundings (e.g. doctors, bus drivers).

  • Sports

Various ball, racket, hockey stick, medal, trophy, basketball hoop, goal, glove, bike, weight, and other varieties.

  • Weddings

In the same vein as Valentine's Day, but with brides, grooms, wedding automobiles, confetti, rings, champagne flutes, bouquets, doves, ribbons, and anything else that may be used for wedding invites and decor.

  • Letters and/or numerals in clipart

These can be helpful in a variety of situations. You'll need the digits 1 through 9 and a 0 to make numbers. If your photos are meant for teachers, you might also wish to add basic mathematical symbols.

Can You Use Clipart Legally?

Unless you have permission (either directly from the creator/owner of the rights, or through the purchase of a commercial licence that permits you to edit and resell the art), you are not allowed to use other people's clip art for your own artwork.

You can typically lawfully utilise clip art that you've purchased for personal projects like crafts. As long as you're not using it to sell items, you might be able to utilise it for blog entries and advertisements.

Some clip art collections have licences that allow for commercial use, so you could sell t-shirts with the clip art printed on them. To be certain, confirm the usage rights in your licence agreement.

The majority of clip art publishers provide commercial licencing for 500 or more goods. You'll have to fork over more money after that.