Our Goal: Providing outstanding resources for

your Projects.

Our Story: 

Without having any background of designing, the founders understood how tough it was to obtain the ideal elements for a design. TemplateboxMarket was founded to improve and change the way consumers consume digital content.

Who are we: 

Templateboxmarket is a Montreal-based fast-growing start-up. Our goal is to revolutionize how people consume digital materials. We believe that the existing method of selling designs on marketplaces is adequate but not ideal. We are about to improvise that.

Templateboxmarket is the result of a love of art and a desire for handcrafted digital components. We feel that each asset is a miniature work of art. Similarly, we believe that art should be accessible to everybody.


The number of people who learn about and take up crafting as a hobby is rising quickly.

Younger people are seeking an alternative form of creative expression to the computer. We all care about that. We want to be the go-to resource for the crafting community.

- Templatebox Team